FIG PICK & EATS at Hoogwater Farm, Wolseley

Between January and February Hoogwater farm near Wolseley open their fig orchard to the public to enjoy fruit direct off the trees. During this time they run a pop up deli, offering coffee and homemade croissants for the early pickers and cheese boards to spend the day under the shade trees.

The 2018 Season will be open 13 JANUARY until 03 FEBRUARY 2018. They are open every Saturdays from 08h00-13h00.

The entry fee is R45.00 per adult / R20.00 per child to come in for the day and R5 per punnet for fruit taken home (Punnets will be provided). 

Whilst in the orchard you can eat as much as you like.

Bring your family and enjoy a great day in the outdoors!